It’s been three weeks since you launched the company’s new subscription service. Initial reception was really strong. A little beyond your expectations actually. But about ten days ago, you saw a fairly significant drop in conversion rate and the current trend is looking like you won’t hit your goal. The change wasn’t dramatic enough to make you think something is broken, rather the adoption has plateaued at a lower number than anticipated. You check the various entry points, but nothing jumps out. You check out the customer segmentation to see if that’s the difference - nothing there either. 

Keeping the dev team’s focus in mind, mindful of distractions, you highlight your findings and direction of the investigation rather than calling for a full stop. It’s not an emergency situation, you simply need to keep everyone apprised of the trends in case they have insight you’re not privy to or that you’re not seeing. 

You dive back in, this time with the Customer Support team. You review the tickets with them looking for specifics around the feature. Not much is there, but then your colleague points out one of the bigger user issues they are running into is a lot of the tickets are coming from the secondary users like spouses, rather than those who purchased the subscription originally. 

There’s a spark - an assumption we got wrong! We designed it as if the “user” was always the purchaser. You check the data. Yep - The numbers line up. Usage is increasingly being driven by “secondary” users and they don’t have access to the subscription page. Now you have a root cause - next you need a plan. 

Time to hypothesize. Time to iterate - Time to rally the troops once again.

We are seeking customer obsessed individuals who have an eye for detail - down to the pixel. You put the customer first and find creative ways to engage with them. You aren’t interested in maintaining things, but scaling and building. Seeing your team’s work being used by hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis makes you tick. Your team pushes code and bam, people are instantly using it. Sometimes it sucks. Many times it’s awesome. All the time it’s motivating and thrilling.

If you’ve gotten this far, you are nodding your head and also probably:

  • View product as equal parts art and science. The creative juices you get to flex through technical challenges you find therapeutic.

  • Have some war stories about really screwing up a feature. It created some scars and calluses you won’t soon forget.

  • Know that data can tell a good portion of the story and provide the foundation, but engaging with humans and qualitative insights paints the full picture.

  • Ask the right questions and, when posed with a problem, you peel away the layers to reveal the core issue and don’t address just the symptoms. You lean on your instincts and good judgment. 

What we are looking for:

We are looking for a Product Manager that will help us evolve our eCommerce funnel into a well oil machine and create a world-class product discovery and shopping experience for our customers. This person will be responsible for the brand and eCommerce experience across the site, including responsibility for all engagement and conversion metrics, martech tools and partner management, feature roadmapping, site merchandising, lead gen, content UX, UI, SEO, partner APIs, testing and analytics. 

You will be supported by development, design, and marketing teams to help build an optimized purchase experience for Jiobit devices and accessories, subscription packages and payment options. You will also be asked to get creative as we increasingly see pricing and packaging as an opportunity for innovation (Read Monetizing Innovation by Georg Tacke, Madhavan Ramanujam). 

Our team is packed with talent and we jive with collaboration, whether it's face to face, trading sketches through Miro, trading gifs on Slack or Zooming through a meeting (keep ‘em short, people). This role requires deep knowledge of the product management process, experience building end-to-end consumer experiences and exceptional ability managing cross-functional teams. 

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Knowing our customers inside and out: We are customer obsessed and keep their needs at the top of our minds. We’ll look to you to engage with customers and potential customers to understand their motivations. Through interviews, behavioral data, surveys, support tickets, online reviews and social media, you’ll bring a deep knowledge of our various user segments into the shopping and buying experience.

  • Owning your OKRs: Jiobit has big goals that we share regularly throughout the organization. There is a clear line between your outcomes and our success. 

  • Aligning the teams: While we are highly collaborative, there is a lot going on and rarely are we in the same room. This means that our ability to create lovable products relies on you to ensure design, business and development are rowing in the same direction. 

  • Learning: Technology is always changing and only those willing to adapt can thrive. We’ll need you to stay aware of new opportunities to advance our tech stack. This could be new payment options (think “Buy now, Pay Later”) or shopping cart features (think “recommendations engines”). Moreover, there is always more to learn from each other and trying new things. 

  • Building: Collaborating with our marketing team, you will work with a Content Marketing System to build landing pages and test various hypotheses through funnel and A/B tests.

  • Growing: You need to be ok with sucking at something while sharing your work to expedite the learning process. We grow together. And finally, you know that product management is an ever-changing field so you are reading books, subscribing to best Product podcasts and developing far-too-strong opinions of Peleton’s new “class stack” collection feature.

  • Iterating: Implement a build-measure-learn process that allows for rapid iterations of product offerings. Leading the way to gather requirements, determine features, design the flow, write product specs, refine feedback, manage the backlog, and ship quickly. 

  • Communicating up and out: Things change fast and we like it that way. When a new technical constraint pops up or there’s a new trend in purchasing behavior, be ready and willing to inform stakeholders what you’ve learned and how it may impact plans.

What you’ll need:

  • 3+ years of product management experience 

  • 2+ years working in eCommerce in any capacity

  • Familiarity with payment providers, gateways, and secure eCommerce transactions

  • Introductory knowledge of web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, API frameworks and webhooks, retargeting and pixel/tagging integration. You know how it works and can configure, read code, figure out small scripts yourself.

  • Familiarity with Content Management System (WYSIWYG Editors, Webflow, Wordpress, etc.)

  • Familiarity with email marketing tools (Hubspot, Mailchimp, etc.)

  • An entrepreneurial spirit (side hustles welcome)

  • 2+ years experience with Google Analytics or similar analytics tool

  • Proven experience with user research, data-driven decision making, data analysis, and A/B testing

  • Aptitude to analyze, communicate and present metrics, plans and decisions effectively across the organization

  • Effective written communication and collaboration across teams - including work planning and story writing using software development tools like Jira

  • Applied understanding of Agile development practices and the software development lifecycle

  • Experience building landing pages and developing funnel marketing tests

  • Strong verbal communications, demonstrated through medium-sized audience presentations

  • Authorized to work in the US (Citizen or Permanent Resident), no H1-B sponsorships

Our Martech / eCommerce stack:

  • Web/CMS - Webflow

  • eCommerce - Snipcart

  • Analytics - Google Analytics

  • Subscription Billing / Revenue Management / CRM - Chargebee

  • Lead Gen / Email - Mailchimp, Privy

  • Payments - Stripe, Paypal/Braintree

  • Marketing Automation - Zapier

  • Pixel Management - Google Tag Manager

  • A/B Testing - Google Optimize

  • Feature Planning and Documentation - Jira/Confluence

About Jiobit: 

Jiobit provides families a comprehensive location-aware safety solution that is accurate, secure, reliable and real-time. Our solution combines a discreet wearable called the Jiobit Smart Tag, with mobile-based software services, combined with patented location technology. 

Our location monitoring and smart notification services are perfect for younger children, pets, seniors, and any loved one prone to wander. Featuring a host of encryption and security technologies, Jiobit is trusted by thousands of caregivers and families with usage in every populated continent in the world.

We believe that caregivers should have a single source of helpful information to guide growth, reduce stress, and move forward with ease. Everything we do—and everyone who works at Jiobit—is centered around this mission: provide the right information at the right time to the right people.

Jiobit has won Editor's Choice Awards with Wired Magazine, PCMag, Baby List, and Tom's Guide, to name a few. Jiobit has offices in Chicago and Silicon Valley. With a recent strategic acquisition by San Francisco-based Life360, we are positioning the business for rapid growth.


Why you want to work with us:

We like people who take risks, big and small. At Jiobit, we’re motivated every day because we do meaningful work that solves real problems for our customers. We support one another in our current roles and career aspirations, encouraging each other to learn new skills and dive deeper into our expertise.

We believe people work best when they are given the freedom and resources they need to work the way they were meant to. We hold ourselves to high standards, but we also don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We have seen the first-hand results of what it looks like to work together toward a common goal. We’re only interested in building a team that can work together, play together, and build things together.

What you’ll get:

  • Unlimited PTO to juggle your professional and personal lives with MTO - Minimum Time Off of 3 weeks

  • Flexible work hours and location (option to work from our downtown Chicago office, hybrid in office/WFH)

  • Medical, dental, vision insurance (including 50% contribution for dependents)

  • Paid holidays

  • Short-term / Long-term Disability offered

  • 401(k)

  • Competitive Stock Equity Packages

  • Cash compensation between $130,000 - $150,000 (location and experience-dependent) for new team members, with performance and milestone-driven adjustments