Jiobit is seeking a Paid Media Growth Marketing Specialist

We are Jiobit; a hardware-enabled software company that helps families of all shapes and sizes move forward with ease. We make a suite of location monitoring devices and apps. Our flagship consumer product is the smallest, longest-lasting, most secure location tracker available.

You are a doer; a scrappy, crafty, trouble-shooter. You are a data-hungry, pattern-finding, action-taking learner. You may have been called many things in past roles: a growth hacker, a data analyst, a marketing coordinator, a ____ of all trades... Yet, none of these titles quite encapsulate everything you’re best at. You’re proud of that fact.

The Paid Media Growth Marketing Specialist (or whatever we end up calling you) will take action on all of Jiobit’s paid marketing across online and offline channels. That includes strategy, testing, reporting, and problem-solving. The role is responsible for both the execution and optimization of current consumer-facing marketing channels: Facebook/Instagram, SEM, and Email; expanding Jiobit’s marketing reach into new channels like YouTube, Hulu, TV, podcasts, direct mail, display… even radio. Convince us.

The ideal candidate will drive strategy, spend allocation across channels, experimentation on new channels, and efficiently optimize growth marketing efforts for customer acquisition goals.

About Jiobit:

  • Our mission is to provide the right information at the right time to the right people.

  • We believe that caregivers should have a single source of helpful information to guide growth and reduce stress

  • We envision a world where families move forward with ease using a single source of helpful information

  • Everything we do and everyone who works here is centered around this mission

  • Basically, this is the moment you opt-out if you’re not into it

  • We provide competitive compensation, generous stock options, ample benefits, and clear and concise pathways to personal and professional growth within the organization

The Paid Media Growth Marketing Specialist...
  • Sets the paid media strategy in place throughout the sales funnel to support Jiobit’s growth in the consumer market

  • Oversees day-to-day spend and adjustments on all paid media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads...)

  • Creates and reports on tests and experiments inside existing and new channels

  • Continually optimizes the effectiveness of existing campaigns, making things faster, cheaper, easier, and better

  • Works hand-in-hand with operations and engineering to optimize the flow of data throughout the marketing and leadership purview

About you:
  • You are highly analytical and you love data

  • Others will tell us you’re highly capable of immersing yourself in data and delivering actionable recommendations

  • You don’t wait for permission to kick down the door and relentlessly hunt down problems to solve

  • You are capable of making autonomous decisions inside the boundaries of KPIs and business goals 

  • You are a doer, a learner, a builder, and you get shit done. You aren’t shy about asking for help, asking for access, asking for data, and then building a system to not have to ask again

  • You are curious and proactive, compassionate and empathetic, and driven to solve hard problems

  • You are highly aware of the details. You take your time to get it right

  • You don’t make excuses because you know that failure is the best way to learn something

  • You are familiar with changing direction quickly, and you thrive in a fast-paced and sometimes hectic environment

  • You are a clear communicator who can translate abstract nerd concepts to everyday people talk

  • When you’re not testing something, you’re experimenting with something else

  • You are picking up on a theme here (admittedly, we’re laying it on pretty thick)

Requirements and Expectations:

  • This is the part where most companies ask to see your degree or your experience. We don’t care about school as much as we care about how good you are at learning. Show us what you’ve done, and tell us what you can do; that’s something school loans can’t buy.

  • You know Facebook Ads Manager like the back of your hand, and Google Ads like the back of your other hand.

  • You are comfortable using analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Tableau, Supermetrics, Heap, Amplitude, MixPanel, Looker, etc. You’re not scared of a spreadsheet and BI tools.

  • Zapier, Intercom, Amazon Seller Central, BigQuery, SQL, and are pretty big pluses. We use Google Apps here at Jiobit, so at the very least, don’t be allergic to that workflow.


Although you will initially start off as a contractor, with success and time, you will gain the following perks:

  • Competitive full-time salary

  • Unlimited time off

  • Paid Holidays

  • Basic Life Insurance

  • Short-term / Long-term Disability offered

  • 401(k)

  • Medical, dental, vision insurance (including 50% contribution for dependents)

  • Company retreats every 6 months

  • **Given the importance of this role for the long-term success of the company, equity compensation will be available for the right candidate

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