• Do you say “what if…” instead of, “I think…“?
  • Are you so hungry to learn that you sometimes teach yourself how to do something just to feel a rush?
  • Do you have a fiery interest in technical and logical engineering even though maybe you have no idea how to do it?
  • Are you the type of person who geeks out when they see a new kind of ad on the internet?
  • Do you like to get in a room and bounce ideas around until something so good pops up in the conversation that it doesn’t matter whose idea it was in the first place because it was technically everyone’s idea?

Well, damn. You should hang out with us at Jiobit and move some pixels around.

Jiobit helps families of all shapes and sizes keep track of the things that are most critically important. We make a teeny tiny location tracker that was created by parents who also happen to be ex-Motorola nerds. So, this troupe is some of the smartest people you’ll meet. But, don’t let that intimidate you. We’re also some of the most casual and fun people you’ll meet. 

Our first product, a GPS tracker for kids, launched in mid-2018 and we have since expanded into pets, seniors, law enforcement, government, and military. Today we help thousands of families in the U.S. keep track of their loved ones and most valuable assets.

We’re looking for a visual storyteller who loves to solve marketing and business problems using art. As a designer at Jiobit, the mediums you would have active participation in include web, print, social, video, illustration, packaging, photography, and hell, maybe even UX/UI. Who knows? Because we’re not just looking for a one-trick pony; we’re looking for a pony that knows so many tricks. Maybe this pony isn’t the best at tricks, but—as far as ponies go—they know a lot.

It’s best if you know how to use Adobe stuff, Sketch, Google stuff, and you’re not a slob when it comes to naming files.

Interested? Show us your stuff! Please send your resume and work samples to marketing@jiobit.com.

This position has been filled. Would you like to see our other open positions?