Field Training & Development Manager

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Help us accelerate the growth of our expanding medical services firm! The Field Training & Development Manager will work within the clinical team, as well as with other teams within the organization, to ensure competency, proficiency, continuing education, compliance, credentialing, scheduling, and staffing of the regional clinical team. In addition, Manager of Field Training & Development will perform intraoperative neuromonitoring duties in the operating room, among other clinical duties. The Manager of Field Training & Development will lead by example and foster an environment of excellence through development and professional growth of the clinical team.





  • Practical Field Training oversight based on a Standardized IONM Curriculum
  • Clinical Fulfillment focused on but not limited to advance IONM cases
  • CEN Student Field Training Based on an Established CEN Curriculum
  • Serve as the administrator of oral reviews and written examinations for field teams
  • Manager of all designated field trainers
  • Responsible for the onboarding of all new hires
  • Responsible for quality assurance improvement metrics for the field team
  • Responsible for advanced Cadwell Training


  • Work with the Medical Director and Chief Clinical Officer to ensure proper OR communication and documentation between reading physicians and the SNPs
  • Responsible for the evaluation, onboarding, and oversight of all contractors providing services on behalf of Neuro Alert
  • Responsible for technical remote oversight support during times of availability
  • Key decision maker on resource allocation based on clinical competence


  •  Key stakeholder in hiring and termination decision for the clinical team




  • Minimum of 5 years IONM experience.
  • CNIM required.
  • Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree a plus.
  • Experience with case scheduling and logistics required. 
  • Client services experienced required.
  • Ability and competency to provide IOM services for all case types performed in the region.



  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Advanced knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathologic processes, and aseptic techniques.
  • Advanced knowledge of procedures followed in conducting electrophysiological tests and examination of patients.
  • Advanced knowledge of electrophysiological equipment (Cadwell preferred).
  • Excellent ability to interpret various electronic and neurophysiologic signals and waveforms.
  • Ability to stand, turn, stoop among several types of equipment in an operating room suite.
  • Ability to apply/place different types of electrodes/needles to a patient’s anatomy with precision and speed in preparation for monitoring a surgical procedure.
  • Ability to sit for extended periods of time, while concentrating on monitoring computer screen images
  • Proficient in USMon, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in writing, over the telephone, and in-person.



  • The clinical department’s competency and proficiency both individually and overall.
  • Client satisfaction and regional growth.
  • Timeliness and efficiency of deliverables.





  • Possess positive and highly communicative interpersonal skills.
  • Team-oriented.
  • Contribute to the company’s growth and innovation.





  • Possible exposure to communicable diseases, electromagnetic radiation, and hazardous materials, although with low likelihood of harm if established health precautions are followed.
  • Long periods working in an OR environment with limited access to food and restroom facilities.
  • The use of protective clothing such as surgical clothing, masks, gloves, shoe covers and visors/goggles.
  • Work that requires bending, crouching, and stooping, as well as lifting and moving supplies and bulky pieces of equipment.
  • Extended periods of time sitting, while concentrating on the monitoring computer screen, IONM data traces and chat with Supervising Physician.
  • Frequent travel by motor vehicle to multiple healthcare facilities.
  • On-call situations and a variable work schedule, which changes from week to week, sometimes creating situations with minimal notice.




Commensurate dependent upon experience, competencies, and qualifications; competitive full benefits package; annual employer 401(k) contribution; relocation reimbursement (jf applicable); quarterly bonuses; unlimited PTO.


Neuro Alert is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment with Neuro Alert is at-will.

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