Advanced Surgical Neurophysiologist

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Help us accelerate the growth of our expanding medical services firm! Under supervision (via remote monitoring) by an Interpreting Physician, the Surgical Neurophysiologist performs a preoperative assessment of the patient, conducts SSEPS, TcMEPS, EMG, EEG, BAEP, direct nerve testing and other modalities intraoperatively, communicates findings to the operating room team, documents findings, completes post-operative reports and billing forms. You’ll lead by example and foster an environment of excellence through personal development and professional growth.


  • Arrive at the hospital/facility at least one hour prior to the scheduled surgery start time.
  • Get all electrical equipment checked by the hospital Biomedical department.
  • Briefly explain IONM procedures to the patient and family members. 
  • Collect all patient data, medical history and paperwork, and store in company IONM workflow software.
  • Set up patient in a timely manner and discuss surgery and IONM modalities with surgeon.

During Surgical Procedure:

  • Identify and eliminate physiological and non-physiological artifacts.
  • Recognize normal patterns, normal variants, and abnormal patterns; understand the medical and anesthetic conditions that influence the IOM modalities; understand the clinical correlations between abnormal IOM modalities and various disease states.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with the surgeon.
  • Communicate clearly with anesthesiologist and other operating room personnel.
  • Document all relevant data in IONM workflow software.
  • Troubleshoot equipment issues with the assistance of the remote monitoring physician and/or our IT department.


After Surgical Procedure:

  • Safely prepare the patient for post-operative care.
  • Assess patient post-operatively, as needed.
  • Complete all remaining requirements for procedure in IONM workflow software.
  • Check in with scheduling coordinator.


  • Assist newly trained surgical neurophysiologists in field-training.
  • Attend seminars and courses for continuing education.
  • Observe and adhere to policies and procedures set forth by administration.
  • Adhere to an on-call schedule.
  • Complete and submit documentation in a timely manner.
  • Maintain up-to-date credentials required by each hospital/facility.


  • Knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathologic process and aseptic techniques.
  • Knowledge of procedures followed in conducting electrophysiological tests and examination of patients.
  • Knowledge of electrophysiological equipment (Cadwell, preferred).
  • Ability to interpret various electronic and neurophysiologic signals and waveforms.
  • Ability to stand, turn, stoop among several types of equipment in an operating room suite.
  • Ability to apply/place different types of electrodes/needles to a patient’s anatomy with precision and speed in preparation for monitoring a surgical procedure.
  • Ability to sit for extended periods of time, while concentrating on monitoring computer screen images


  • Bachelor of Science/Arts in a biology-related field. Masters Degree a plus. 
  • CNIM certification required. DABNM a plus. 
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in IONM. 
  • Proficient with SSEP, MEP, EMG, EEG, Cranial Nerve monitoring, mapping, phase reversal, D-waves, and ECoG. 
  • Proficient with monitoring all types of surgical procedures, including but not limited to, complex craniotomies, vascular cases, cardiac cases, advanced spine cases, ENT cases, and tumor resections. 
  • EXCELLENT ability to communicate.


  • Possess positive and highly communicative interpersonal skills.
  • Team-oriented.
  • Look to contribute to the company’s growth


  • Possible exposure to communicable diseases and hazardous materials with little likelihood of harm if established health precautions are followed.
  • The use of protective clothing such as surgical clothing, gloves, glasses, and masks.
  • Work requires lifting supplies, pushing, or carrying bulky pieces of equipment. 
  • Frequent travel by motor vehicle to healthcare facilities.
  • Variable work schedules that may change from week to week, depending on case load, surgeon’s availability, creating situations that may require minimal notice to be available for a case.


Technical and employee performance reviews quarterly.


Commensurate dependent upon experience, competencies, and qualifications; competitive full benefits package; annual employer 401(k) contribution; relocation reimbursement (jf applicable); quarterly bonuses; unlimited PTO.

Neuro Alert is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment with Neuro Alert is at-will.