The Opportunity: 

Join the ASAP Board of Directors and ASAP Staff to lead a small and mighty team as they steward the climate adaptation field's most influential organization into its next phase of growth and success!


ASAP is the premier professional society of the climate adaptation and resilience community. Since its inception, in 2015, ASAP has built its membership base through an inclusive and accessible model that welcomes all people who use climate information in their day-to-day work and who embrace the network values of trust, reciprocity, member leadership, open access, and transparency. While growing its membership, ASAP Staff and member leaders have worked with the careful intention to build a new field of practice that looks to the expertise and knowledge of people at the forefront of climate change and recognizes the valuable expertise of those who have lived experience addressing climate impacts in their own communities. 

ASAP is staffed by a six person team of exceptional professionals with a deep commitment to climate work, dedication to one another and willingness to work continuously to maintain an organizational culture of transparent and collaborative decision making, emotional openness and support, and the pursuit of joy, amid what is sometimes very heavy work. The Executive Director will join ASAP’s Deputy Director (Rachel Jacobson) and Finance Director (Jeff Fournier) as part of a senior leadership team that works together in constant coordination and complements each others’ perspectives on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats from within and outside of the organization. This team works transparently with the whole staff to ensure alignment between ASAP’s Strategic Plan, Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Commitments, Annual Budget, and Staff and Revenue Workplans. While all decisions at ASAP are made through transparent processes, and most are made collaboratively, the Executive Director carries the responsibility of being the final decision maker.

What’s Ahead:

Connecting and Supporting a Growing Membership Network

The ASAP Network is home to nearly 1,000 individuals and 40+ organizations. The next Executive Director will lead the ASAP Network as it forges a new model for how a social impact network of this size operates and what it can accomplish. The next Executive Director will work with members and staff to identify and implement new ways to support and connect a network where members are less likely to know one another personally and where new individuals and organizations are joining weekly. 

Accelerating Capacity Building & Setting Field Standards

We are at a moment when the adaptation field and many other professionals, policy makers, and community leaders are seeking guidance on the principles and standards for climate adaptation practice and the knowledge and competencies needed to work in this space. Equipped with field building resources that reflect the expertise and knowledge of our diverse, justice centered organization ASAP is poised to become the standard setting organization of the adaptation and resilience field. 

Championing Equitable and Effective Adaptation

The next Executive Director will champion the important role climate adaptation and resilience professionals play in building a just, equitable, and climate ready future and represent the work of the network to audiences across all of society. This role as champion and subject matter expert is one of the most important and sensitive responsibilities of the position. Close coordination with member leaders will be essential to ensure the priorities and policies that ASAP is known to support come from the membership and reflect the values of the organization. 

Is it you?

If you know that transparent, collaborative processes lead to the best outcomes; You want to center climate change adaptation in your vision for societal transformation; You love the idea of connecting and supporting a diverse network of dedicated climate leaders; And you want to lead an incredible group of staff people that values teamwork, gratitude, growth, accountability, and pragmatism - then we welcome your application and hope you will consider applying to be the next ASAP Executive Director!

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What we offer

  • This is a fully remote position.

  • Generous leave package: 13 holidays (6 floating), 14 days vacation, 12 sick days.

  • Health, dental, short and long-term disability, and life insurance.

  • Employer match retirement at 4% after 90 days.

  • Competitive annual salary between $110,000 - $125,000.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Adaptation field leadership: Cultivate and promote ASAP’s position as a leader in the field of climate adaptation and ensure ASAP’s continued contributions to the growth and development of the field.

  • Visioning: Provide clear vision and direction for ASAP’s programs, fundraising, member recruitment, partnerships, and communications in alignment with ASAP’s Strategic Plan and the needs of the adaptation field. 

  • Values alignment: Ensure that all ASAP programs and activities center justice and equity. Guide ASAP to become an increasingly inclusive and accessible organization and network. 

  • Governance: Collaborate effectively with ASAP's Board of Directors and leverage their energy and expertise to enhance the ASAP Network and achieve ASAP's mission.

  • Revenue development: Strategically develop resources to ensure the financial health and long-term sustainability of the organization. Lead proposal development, individual donor cultivation, and fee-for-service contract acquisition. 

  • Workplace development: Welcome collaborative decision-making. Lead efficient and transparent processes. Offer strong mentorship and support to all team members. Ensure ASAP remains a great place to work for staff at all levels of the organization and phases of their life. 

  • Fiscal oversight: Support the fiscal management of the organization, including: fiscal policy development and adherence, accounting process adherence, annual budget preparation and adherence, and leading the Board and staff to address budget gaps.

  • Operational oversight: Support the operational health of ASAP and ensure the organization’s programs and operations comply with business and labor laws.


Executive Leadership Skills & Experience

  • Strong staff and program management skills, including program planning, delegating, and supervising staff.

  • Hands-on budget management skills, including budget preparation, analysis, and reporting.

  • Extensive experience collaborating with a volunteer Board of Directors.

  • Ability to manage multiple projects with competing timelines, diverse groups of participants, and diverse work products at the same time. 

  • Experience coordinating and collaborating with diverse organizations and groups of people and leading them to achieve a shared goal.

  • Ability to lead and contribute to teams both in person and virtually.


Demonstrated Fundraising Success

  • Experience designing and successfully executing revenue strategies for a small to medium size organization (eg. annual budget between $500,000 to $1,000,000).

  • Proven ability to communicate programs and opportunities to diverse stakeholders in a cohesive, transparent manner that maximizes engagement and motivates action.

  • Extensive experience developing proposals for a range of audiences including private foundations, the public sector, and individual donors.


Subject Matter Expertise

  • Deep understanding of climate adaptation and resilience as a field of practice. This understanding may be informed by relevant professional experience, by experience with neighboring fields (such as sustainability, hazard mitigation, planning, ecology, engineering, etc), by lived experience, by Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and/or by academic knowledge. 

  • Knowledge of principles and practices for supporting and growing social impact networks.

  • Strong verbal, writing, and presentation skills. Experience creating blogs, white papers, reports, progress reports, stories of success, web content, and newsletters and creating and delivering presentations for a range of audience types and sizes. 

Collaboration and Relationship Building Experience

  • Experience building successful coalitions that center Black people, Indigenous people, People of Color, and people with limited income and resources and ensuring that all work that flows from those coalitions is reparative, just, and advances shared liberation for all participants. 

  • Experience managing and growing a network-based organization, preferably in the nonprofit sector.

Visionary Leadership 

  • Ability to lead teams in a transparent and collaborative manner. 

  • Ability to simultaneously see the big-picture, think strategically, and attend to details.

  • Willingness to take action and solve problems on complex and challenging issues by thinking creatively. 

  • Ability to frame challenges in a positive, pragmatic way that inspires action.

Personal Integrity and Trustworthiness

  • Demonstrated commitment to the highest personal and professional standards, quality work, ethical basis, and building the field of adaptation/resilience practice.

  • Displays integrity, hardworking, holds high standards, and a pursuit of joy in their work.

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