Account Manager

Sociallyin seeks a sharp writer and skilled communicator to help manage its branded social media channels, to guide the social footprints of our best-in-class client base. This is the perfect role for someone inherently, naturally, gloriously social, both online and off. This role has tremendous growth potential for someone who is passionate about pop culture, knows the perfect meme for any situation, and is thoughtful about words and using them creatively to achieve results. If you find true satisfaction when you discover just the right turn of phrase to simply and elegantly explain a complicated idea, this position will be a perfect fit.

Your day-to-day work will manage client relationships from top to tail. You'll be involved in meetings, review content, manage scopes, deliverables, and campaigns, optimize social ads, oversee reporting and resource allocation and resolve client issues to ensure that all parties stay true to the strategic vision and voice across channels 24/7, 365.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Effectively develop and manage content for social media communities

  • Directly engage with consumers on channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, etc.

  • Lead the charge for client accounts with content curation, distribution and engagement

  • Social Listening for trending content, conversations, topics, events and news

  • Real time Monitoring of social channels for: growth and engagement through strategic engagement and activation

  • Work a non-traditional schedule in a very cool, culture-forward environment

  • Evaluate execution during and after campaign launches and improve engagement

Qualified applicants will have:

  • Experience developing social media creative, editing copy and engaging with page visitors is preferred

  • Flawless spelling and grammar

  • Ability to edit photos in Photoshop is helpful

  • Proven passion for pop culture

  • A demonstrated passion for and understanding of social media

  • The desire and willingness to learn new skills

  • Innate curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit

  • Commitment to excellence — working nonstandard hours when necessary, anticipating issues and communicating with diplomacy, identifying emerging platforms and trends to drive innovation