Be part of cutting edge research and clinical studies to help solve some of the leading outstanding medical questions today. Responsibilities and skills required include:

· Must be detail-oriented, focused, proactive to take initiatives with a sense of urgency when needed

· Must be able to multi-task while having a good judgment at prioritizing daily tasks

· Must be able to work well as a team; be accountable, reliable to take on any tasks

· Must be able to deliver quality results on time for various study tasks while working in a fast-faced environment and pressure

· Must have excellent organizational skills, and ability to log/track research study progress

· Must have good communicational skills, including writing instructions/SOPs

· Positive attitude, and professional manner to foster a friendly workplace

· Must be proficient in MS Word, MS Excel

· Phlebotomist license a plus, but not required

· Have access to a car is preferred

· Be flexible with work hours, preferred

· Be able to lift 20-30 lbs of packages

Various research study tasks include, but not limited to:

· Consent subjects to participate in study, and maintain records; or obtain consent to collect their specimen from other facilities (arrange for pick-up or by delivery)

· Arrange for pick-up/shipment of specimens after procedure has been performed

· Follow procedures according to SOPs or research protocols

· Write SOPs and implement processes for studies

· Manage the day-to-day receipt of samples

· Process clinical and/or research samples (e.g. blood, saliva) as applicable – any required training will be provided

· Maintain data and ensure there is proper documentation for each participant

· Accession, maintain, and organize inventory of all samples

· Obtain operative reports, lab results, etc. for review

· Generate labels for specimen tubes

· Label specimen tubes (saliva/blood) and print all required forms

· Prepare research collection kits to be mailed to study participants

· Prepare biological samples and manifests for shipments

· Accession, maintain, and organize inventory for all samples (generate and record sample inventory database)

· Manage inventory supplies for studies

· Coordinate with participating sites for supply requests or enrollment inquiries

· Maintain and track proper storage conditions for biological samples

· Scan documents and upload to appropriate study workflows

· Review documents to ensure accuracy

· E-mail and phone potential participants interested in studies (scheduling appointments, providing proper documents, answering questions, addressing concerns, etc.)

· Find pricing and codes for clinical tests

· Measure patient’s vitals signs

· Update and record information in medical records

· Use an online document-building tool to create forms, questionnaires, and other documents for research studies and patient use

· Test workflows to ensure proper working order prior to study kick-off

· Track study progress to maintain study timeline