Customer Support Agent
Full Time

Overview: Ensure that every Neurohacker member is supported and engaged.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Support Neurohacker Customers/Community:
  • This person will work directly with the Support team to embody and uphold what remarkable customer service means to us and how we will fulfill on that.
  • Respond to support tickets, emails, and phone calls in a timely and brand-aligned manner
  • Engage with customer needs via email and phone and Live Chat, answering questions and helping to educate consumers + complete the sales flow
  • Understand and employ clear procedures for all of the health and medical related questions.
  • Escalate high level inquiries, requests and issues to the appropriate department
  • Review and respond to Qualia Reviews. Publish to the site where applicable, and reach out directly to unsatisfied customers/reviews to resolve any issues
  • Create and implement customer satisfaction surveys and polls to support the marketing and sales team
  • Help update and expand the Neurohacker FAQ’s + Help Center

Social Media and Content Support:
  • It will be this person’s responsibility to respond to social media comments and questions in a manner supportive to the Neurohacker community.
  • Respond to social media messages via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  • Engage and respond to YouTube, LinkedIn and Amazon comments, questions and needs.
  • Help inspire, engage and educate the online Neurohacker community

Secondary Responsibilities:
  • Understand all the legal compliance issues associated with health and claim related customer service questions.
  • Understand the products, mission, and NHC philosophy intimately. Be able to help anyone understand any aspect of the company.
  • Keep records of all customer service interactions.
  • Drives sales and increases customer lifetime revenue through education and engagement.

Key Performance Indicators:
High level
  • Everyone who interacts with NHC should ultimately become a company evangelist, whether or not our current products are right for them.
  • Specifics
  • Timeliness metrics: Customer inquiry response time, timely resolution, etc.
  • Satisfaction metrics: Satisfaction Surveys, Reorder rate, Lifetime customer engagement, etc.
  • Customer support metrics: Excellence, Efficiency, etc.

Qualifications and Background:
Must Have:
  • Must have experience with Zendesk, Shopify, and other CRM platforms
  • Done a high volume of actual customer service and interaction
  • Social Media communication/interaction background and skills
  • Have a high value around service and love helping people address their needs.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills - can navigate all personality types and emotions gracefully.
  • Fundamentally loves and respects people.
  • Relevant technical skills.
  • Deep cultural and values match.
  • Active interest in neurohacking and the related health, performance optimization, and human potential spaces.
Nice to Have:
  • E-commerce experience
  • Has worked in the nutraceutical space, or related health and wellness spaces, and knows the regulatory issues associated
  • Science familiarity and interest.
  • Has worked in startups.
Reports to: Customer Experience Manager and Director of Community
Works with: All team members

  • To help develop a life changing, category defining technology company.
  • To work with a team of cutting edge thought leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, industry experts, activists and visionaries - and an extended team of global influencers.
  • To learn a tremendous amount (about neuroscience, medicine, psychology, philosophy, evolution, business, leadership, communication, etc.) and be stretched and supported to grow personally and professionally.
  • To be supported in optimizing your own cognitive capabilities and psychological development with the best resources currently available anywhere.
  • To apply your full talents and heart to a project worthy of dedication.
  • To work with great people in a positive environment in coastal Encinitas.

Key Culture Elements:
  • Category defining company focused on optimizing human well being and capability globally.
  • Advancing the cutting edge of consciousness studies, positive psychology, and neuroscience.
  • Philosophically aligned with ethical, intentional, human optimization.
  • Extremely progressive cultural values, regarding politics, economics, the environment, religion and spirituality, relationships and sexuality, and pretty much everything.
  • Transparent honest workplace, real friendships between team members, no corporate facades, no elephants to avoid - while being able to hold appropriate confidentialities and act with discernment and discreteness where relevant.
  • Early startup phase company with seasoned executive team and clear plans for rapid growth to a game changing global company.
  • Partnered with many leading academic and scientific institutions with world class partners.
  • Cultural hybrid of Xavier Academy, Singularity University, Greenpeace, Skunkworks, MIT, Esalen, Camp David, Google, Burning Man, and a typical tech startup.

  • Our mission is to create technologies for radical neurological optimization - to empower people to realize their full potential.
  • Team: The members of the executive team have previously created and ran global engineering think tanks, colleges, disruptive technology companies, environmental non-profits, multi-billion dollar public companies, political activist organizations, and intentional communities. This new venture is the biggest and most exciting yet - upgrading the bio-hardware that consciousness runs on.

How to Apply:
  • Please include a cover letter and tell us why you are awesome.

A few worthwhile items to include are:

  • Why you’re interested in working with the Neurohacker Collective.
  • Why it seems like a good fit.
  • Description of your dream work.
  • What your compensation needs are and when you’re available to start.
  • The best concert you’ve ever been to.
  • Any other info you’d like to share. :)

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