Position Description:

The Paid Student Internship program main goal is to increase our Community Engagement Specialist efforts in specific Colleges and Universities with high percentage of Black/African American students and in the local community. The paid internship program is intended to educate students, families, alumni and faculty on the importance of stem cell donation for those experiencing a blood disease that requires a marrow or blood stem cell transplant from an unrelated donor in order to live.  The internship program, including the assigned requirements of selected interns, will provide The Icla da Silva Foundation/Be The Match with a daily presence on colleges/university campuses and well as in the local community.  The duties and responsibility of the intern will foster an environment of trust while opening more doors to meaningful engagement with ethnic diverse student populations, administrators and faculty.


Key Responsibilities:

Duties include outreach in ethnically diverse communities to bring awareness and education about the need for more Black/African Americans on the Be The Match Registry; presentations to organization and community groups to bring awareness and registering potential Black/African American donors; work as a part of a team in organizing and staffing donor registration drives; following up with groups hosting donor registration drives; gathering critical information on potential donors willingness to join the registry; Providing feedback and suggestions to Be The Match on how Be The Match can motivate and improve outreach in targeted communities.

Reports to:

Tressa Malone, Community Engagement Specialist, The Icla da Silva Foundation


Timeline: February 2021-June/July 2021


Time Commitment:

Minimum 15-20 hours/week for 4-6 months.



Strong connections to student organizations on college campus. Proficient on social media outlets like facebook, Instagram and tik tok. Strong Networker, Self-motivator, experience or interest in public speaking, strong interest in non-profit work and belief in community services, strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work independently and as a member of a team.  Intern must serve a minimum of 1-20 hours per week for a 4-6 month time period and be at least 18 years old.

Support Provided:       

Interns will receive an in-house orientation, field training with Marrow Account Manager, attend staff meetings and have the opportunity for 1:1 meetings with supervisor. 


Benefits Provided:       

Interns can expect to develop their time management skills, communication skills as well as gain insights in understanding the psychology or social behavior of individuals rational for joining or not joining the national registry. 


Additional tasks that may be included:


General Administrative Tasks

This may include building presentation packets for potential drives, assisting to process completed drives, management of sponsors and drive details, or general internet research. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel is required.


Special Events

Interns may be asked to play a role in planning a special event in the local community.  The role may include creating potential sponsorship lists, assisting with volunteer meetings, or day of event assistance.


The deliverables and measurable goals for those interns includes:


a.     To establish a Be the Match on Campus (BTMOC) Chapter or volunteer group on their College and Universities.

b.     To promote Be the Match Registry event integration/collaboration with other student events and student organizations each semester in a virtual environment (live setting when safe & possible) i.e., Blood Drive, Market Friday, Hump Wednesday, Homecoming, etc.

c.      To plan and complete at least two virtual or live (when safe and possible) Be the Match Registration Campaigns per semester.  These are stand-alone events where the Be the Match intern is the event planner.  The Icla da Silva Foundation staff is there to guide and support.

d.     Plan and engage with campus community in a virtual or live setting by spreading awareness about Be The Match, educating and recruiting student peers to join the Be The Match Registry. This includes developing promotional materials and campaigns, 1:1 or small group engagement, promoting digital drive registrations across campus, including tabling, sharing Be The Match content across school owned social media platforms / other available distribution channels, and delivering at least one Be The Match presentation per week on campus (classroom – sports team – fraternity – sorority – dorm – band – SGA – other student orgs), including at least one information forum/seminar per semester.

e.     Build relationship and develop bone marrow registration drives with the local Black/African American community (Churches, Civic Organizations, Non-Profits, etc)

f.      To achieve 100% of assigned registry member recruitment/kit return goal per semester, working in collaboration with the Icla da Silva Foundation Community Engagement Specialist, and respective school administrators.


Other Intern Roles and Responsibilities:


1.     To acquire appropriate job knowledge necessary to effectively fulfill the duties of the internship.

2.     To update Community Engagement Specialist weekly and submit times cards bi-weekly as due.

3.     To be present and on time for weekly Interns’ team meetings.

4.     To be present and on time for weekly Intern 1:1 meeting.

5.     To always represent Be The Match in a professional manner.

6.     To inform Community Engagement Specialist in a timely manner when unable to attend scheduled meetings, events, etc. or will be late for any of the aforementioned scheduled events.


The Icla da Silva Foundation Roles and Deliverables:


1.     To provide supervision, guidance, support, and coaching to the intern.

2.     To provide training for the intern and Be the Match On Campus (BTMOC) leadership/members or volunteer group.

3.     To provide materials for spreading awareness and for events – signage, collateral, videos.

4.     To develop and manage the landing page to support intern’s recruitment activities.

5.     To provide integrated promotional assets to drive traffic to the intern’s landing page.