NYC Outward Bound Schools Field Instructor 

For over thirty years, NYC Outward Bound Schools has provided transformative educational experiences in  communities that have been historically marginalized. We operate a network of schools in partnership with  the NYC Department of Education and bring our most effective and replicable practices to a growing  number of public schools outside of our network as well. Our uniquely powerful program combines the  Outward Bound approach with principles of EL (Expeditionary Learning), joining together demanding, engaging learning with an emphasis on community and character.

Serving nearly 200,000 students since our inception, we are redefining what educational excellence looks  like in New York City public schools. Thanks to our robust and personalized professional development and  coaching model, our transformative field programming, our focus on community and character building,  and our understanding and support of students as individuals to unlock potential, our results are strong.  Our overall graduation rates regularly surpass the city average by 10+ percentage points and we have  achieved particularly impressive results among underserved subgroups. This past year, our Black and Latinx  students graduated at rates that were 12 and 14 points higher than their peers citywide, respectively, and  our students with disabilities graduated at a rate 27 points higher than their counterparts. Each year nearly  all of our graduates are accepted to college. 


NYC Outward Bound Schools programs are designed to support students and adults in getting to know each other and build a lasting sense of community, trust and belonging by working collaboratively on a common set of challenges. In this supportive environment, NYC Outward Bound Schools’ instructors encourage adults and students to work together, learn new skills, take risks, and reflect on their experience.  Instructors are primarily responsible for the delivery and overall safety of outdoor experiential learning programs including community building, ropes courses, climbing wall programs, and city explorations, as well as in school-based team building programs.

This is a Per Diem position. Instructors will work a variable schedule in the Spring of 2022 and may continue into the Fall.  Paid training will be provided.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Working with students and or adults in small groups, Instructors are responsible for structuring a safe, inclusive and fun learning environment for all participants. 
  • Sequence activities that are appropriate for the group based on an assessment of group skills, abilities, development stage, goals, program objectives and social cultural need.

  • Recognize the inherent risks involved in each activity and continually assess and adjust programming accordingly

  • Understand and recognize common group dynamics and is able to respond with appropriate strategies

  • Deliver program curriculum and activities to meet the needs of different learning styles and student populations.

  • Provide appropriate opportunities for participants to identify and reflect upon their experience.

  • Facilitate a learning environment that incorporates emotional, physical, social and cultural domains of safety. 

  • Effectively resolve conflict with co-workers and students; facilitate conflict resolution in group and individual settings.

  • Clearly establish limits and boundaries for student behavior.



Knowledge and Skills:

  • Experience facilitating youth programming in a variety of outdoor and indoor setting(s), including virtually. Experience with non-profits serving urban youth is strongly desired.
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Able to manage multiple priorities in real time while managing and resolving individual and group behavioral issues with a variety of tools. 

  • Comply with NYCOBS safety policies and procedures, as well as any current health and safety guidelines from governing bodies

  • A Department of Education Background Check will be required. 

  • Current Basic First Aid and CPR, and Wilderness First Aid encouraged.

  • Proof of vaccination may be required


Physical Requirements:

  • Must be 21 years or older
  • On feet most days, sometimes for long hours

  • Able to carry, lift, and move a minimum of 50 pounds

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Per diem base rate begins at $154/day but may start higher depending on experience!
  • We offer medical, dental, and vision coverage as well as FSA/Transit accounts, and a 403(b) with employer match after 1000 work hours in a plan year.
  • Seasonal housing (depending on availability)

  • Eligible for Pro Purchase pricing from several outdoor brands

To apply for this position, interested internal candidates must complete and submit an online application.

NYC Outward Bound Schools is an equal opportunity employer. We prohibit discrimination against, and harassment of, any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, gender, pregnancy, genetic information, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, familial status, military or veteran status, qualified individuals with a disability on the basis of the disability, or any other category which may be protected under applicable state or federal law.