For over thirty years, NYC Outward Bound Schools has provided transformative educational experiences in  communities that have been historically marginalized. We operate a network of schools in partnership with  the NYC Department of Education and bring our most effective and replicable practices to a growing  number of public schools outside of our network as well. Our uniquely powerful program combines the  Outward Bound approach with principles of EL (Expeditionary Learning), joining together demanding, engaging learning with an emphasis on community and character. 

Serving nearly 200,000 students since our inception, we are redefining what educational excellence looks  like in New York City public schools. Thanks to our robust and personalized professional development and  coaching model, our transformative field programming, our focus on community and character building,  and our understanding and support of students as individuals to unlock potential, our results are strong.  Our overall graduation rates regularly surpass the city average by 10+ percentage points and we have  achieved particularly impressive results among underserved subgroups. This past year, our Black and Latinx  students graduated at rates that were 12 and 14 points higher than their peers citywide, respectively, and  our students with disabilities graduated at a rate 27 points higher than their counterparts. Each year nearly  all of our graduates are accepted to college. 


The Director, Safety and Admissions for NYC Outward Bound Schools has the primary responsibility for leading the Safety team that consists of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Schools Officer, Chief People Officer and the Director, Field Programs.  This team is charged with ensuring that our organization is adequately and appropriately attending to these four dimensions of safety: 

  • Physical Safety 

  • Emotional Safety 

  • Operational Safety

  • Workplace Safety 

The Director, Safety and Admissions will also be responsible for the Admissions process for all NYC Outward Bound Schools Field Programs. They will work closely with schools in supporting them through each step in the admissions process with particular attention to course orientation and the  successful completion of enrollment. This includes tracking enrolled students, managing receipt of their application materials, and reviewing medical forms and questionnaires submitted by the applicant to assess readiness for courses. Additional responsibilities include and are not limited to, high level medical screening, managing student paperwork, conducting student interviews, short and long-term department planning, and interfacing with Outward Bound USA.

This position is a full-time role reporting to the Chief Executive Officer and a dotted line into the Chief Schools Officer. The Director works predominantly out of our headquarters office in Long Island City. Some travel may be required for reviews and audits. 

Essential Functions

Leading the Safety Team (50%)

The Director, Safety and Admissions will lead the Safety team to ensure the following functions are carried out: 

  • Continuously improving safety management practices. 

  • Drafts measurable annual safety goals (and submits to the Chief Executive Officer, for approval) and manages and supports the organization in meeting those annual safety goals.

  • Ensures that every NYCOBS program activity is planned and conducted in accordance with local and National safety standards, policies and guidelines.

  • Ensures NYCOBS staff are provided with resources, communications, training, guidance and assistance to execute their roles safely. 

  • Ensures program administrators and field staff receive the proper training, and resources necessary to properly assess risks and implement effective countermeasures (rules, procedures, standards, communications, etc.) to manage risk to an acceptable level.

  • Develops, documents and updates  local operating procedures (LOPs) for all activities and locations in which NYCOBS programs operate.

  • Collaborates with Outward Bound School Safety Directors to propose revisions to the Outward Bound Field Policies and Procedures

Incident Analysis and Safety Reporting (10%)

  • Manages Incident Reporting: reviews all incident reports and analyses, ensures accuracy of data and analyses, and collaborates on generating Trimester and annual safety reports. 

  • Reviews and analyzes all safety incidents and manages and supports all field emergencies.

  • Participates in and conducts internal and external safety reviews for NYCOBS and other Outward Bound Schools. 

Admissions Management (20%)

Responsible for the admissions and medical screening process for all NYC Outward Bound Schools’ Field Programs:

  • Generate and customize enrollment forms for clients and participants ensuring participants and families are provided with detailed information regarding their course, have provided proper informed consent, and furnished all required information and documentation.

  • Ensure the accurate data entry of all admissions and health information into our centralized database.

  • Work with sales and program team members to establish appropriate admissions and health screening timelines.

  • Facilitate orientations for participants (which could include students and/or families), as needed.

  • Clearly document and communicate mid-course and/or post-course, as needed, to participant families and/or their school point-person regarding health-related incidents that may have taken place on course.

  • Interpret all pre-, mid-, and post-course data and complete seasonal admissions and health management audits to identify trends and areas of improvement.

Health Management (20%)

  • Collect and assess participants’ health forms, questionnaires and other health-related documents. 

  • Assess participants’ medical and/or mental health needs using Outward Bound guidelines and screening tools to determine if we are able to accommodate those needs on our course.

  • Conduct necessary follow-up through one-on-one interviews over phone or email to acquire additional information from participants, parents/guardians, and/or healthcare providers.

  • Clearly document and communicate relevant participant health information to relevant staff, including recommendations for possible course accommodations, including high-risk exceptions.

  • Provide regular training to ensure NYCOBS staff are adept at performing health management tasks and responsibilities, including mandated reporting requirements.


  • Experience in the areas of safety/risk management.

  • Experience in crisis management including: 

    • Developing and managing emergency response plans 

  • Able to identify risks, problem solve, prioritize and manage multiple tasks successfully within tight timelines and manage high volume admissions, screening during peak seasons.

  • Ability to work both independently and cooperatively as a team member.

  • Proven work experience as a team leader or supervisor.

  • Excellent organizational skills. 

  • Strong and effective communicator, both written and oral.

  • Strong computer skills including: Word and Excel. Is proficient with PowerPoint and able to use it to develop effective presentations. 

  • Able to manipulate data produced from databases for analysis. 

  • Successful candidate will possess the interpersonal skills and versatility to effectively build relationships across a broad spectrum of partners. 

  • At a minimum, holds a current Wilderness First Responder Certification.

  • Solid base of technical skills and understanding of skill requirements needed to deliver OB programs.

NYC Outward Bound Schools is an equal opportunity employer. We prohibit discrimination against, and harassment of, any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, gender, pregnancy, genetic information, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, familial status, military or veteran status, qualified individuals with a disability on the basis of the disability, or any other category which may be protected under applicable state or federal law.