About Us

NYC Outward Bound Schools www.nycoutwardbound.org is a nonprofit organization that transforms schools and changes lives by bringing out the best in students, teachers and school leaders throughout New York City.  We operate a citywide network of public schools, in partnership with the City’s Department of Education, which primarily target students from underserved neighborhoods.  Our schools feature rigorous learning experiences, both in and out of the classroom, and are built upon a culture of high achievement and mutual support.  And we provide our students with a robust To & Through College program.  To further extend our impact, we also offer Adventure & Team Building programs to young people not enrolled in our schools and professional learning services to NYC public schools interested in adopting specific practices from our schools.  Over the past 30+ years, we have served over 150,000 students.

Position Responsibilities

Instructors this fall will work a virtual setting from Jan 2021 through mid June 2021, including some weekends. Paid training will be provided.

Building on its 30+ years of experience in adventure and team building, NYC Outward Bound Schools has reimagined its outdoor fieldwork course in the virtual space.

Virtual Crew Expedition is a 4-day series of synchronous virtual community building for students that prepares them to communicate and collaborate more effectively as a class, Crew, or advisory group. Students bond and build trusting relationships with their peers and advisor through 2 hour sessions that foster belonging, team building and reflection.

The program is designed to support students in getting to know each other and build a lasting sense of community, trust and belonging by working collaboratively on a common set of challenges. In this supportive environment, NYC Outward Bound Schools’ instructors encourage students to work together, learn new skills, take risks, and reflect on their experience.

Essential Functions and Duties

  • Teaching, Facilitating and Supervising Students
  • Sequence activities that are appropriate for the group based on an assessment of group skills, abilities, development stage, goals, program objectives and social cultural needs
  • Recognize the inherent risks involved in each activity and continually assess and adjust programming accordingly
  • Understand and recognize common group dynamics
  • Provide appropriate opportunities for participants to identify and reflect upon their experiences
  • Facilitate a learning environment that incorporates emotional, physical, social and cultural domains of safety
  • Practice all national and local operating procedures and conduct activities according to the policies, procedures and practices that guide the program plan

Knowledge and Skills

  • Department of Education Background Check will be required
  • Instructors must be able to fulfill the Core Competencies

Education and Work Experience

Experience facilitating youth programming in a variety of outdoor and indoor setting(s), including virtually. Experience with non-profits serving urban youth is strongly desired.

Compensation & Benefits
  • Per Diem rate commensurate with experience
  • Health expense reimbursement program
  • Eligible for Pro Purchase pricing from several outdoor brands


Instructors will:
  • Understand and practice Outward Bound (OB) methodology and experiential education.
  • Articulate Outward Bound philosophy, history and objectives.
  • Instructors should have a commitment to working with urban youth and improving public education

Instructors will have the ability to:
  • Design course activities based on the assessment of individual and group needs
  • Engage in a variety of teaching styles
  • Present information in coherent and engaging progression
  • Assist students in transferring OB experiences and lessons

Instructors will have the ability to:
  • Demonstrate and facilitate effective communication and feedback skills with staff and students.
  • Assess and address individual and group physical and emotional needs, motivate and counsel to promote individual and interdependent competence.
  • Show respect and compassion for others and create an emotionally safe environment for students and staff.

Instructors will:
  • Demonstrate the ability to anticipate and manage potential hazards, both emotional and physical.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in managing all “risk” activities as demanded by the virtual setting, the student population. 
  • Have knowledge of and adhere to all local operating procedures, safety policies and emergency procedures.
  • Demonstrate sound judgment and the ability to manage a group effectively under stressful conditions and in crisis situations.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in managing a variety of potentially challenging group behaviors.

  • Instructors are required to participate in all activities on course and maintain ample energy, strength and focus to assist students with physical and emotional obstacles.
  • Instructors must know their own strengths, limitations and needs, and can productively manage personal stress.
  • Instructors must have the ability to assess the needs of co-workers, provide training and evaluate constructively.
  • Instructors must attend appropriate staff training or equivalent orientations prior to supervising students in the field.

NYC Outward Bound Schools is an equal opportunity employer. We don’t discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, age, national origin or disability.

No phone calls please. We appreciate all responses, but due to the high volume of resumes received, we can only contact those applicants whose qualifications best match the position requirements