About Thirty Capital, LLC 

Thirty Capital is a mid-market CRE investment & advisory firm dedicated to protecting cashflow, generating equity returns, and creating alpha from commercial real estate assets.


Job Summary/Responsibilities  

  • Create and implement a business plan to build our advisory capabilities in the affordable housing space. 
  • Organize and maintain affordable housing client portfolios to outperform the market.  
  • Manage affordable housing client assets by evaluating asset status, needs, risks, goals and progress as measured through benchmarking and forecasting for the best outcomes.  
  • Establish yourself as the resident expert in affordable housing with the ability to provide content knowledge internally and externally.  
  • Become a product expert to assist in expanding our technology platform for affordable housing.
  • Liaison to trade organizations and industry leaders. 



  • Minimum of 5 years of experience as an affordable housing asset manager inclusive of other property management experience*   
  • Forward-thinking innovative mindset 
  • Excellent understanding of technology and its ability to change the CRE industry as demonstrated from previous experience  
  • Strong financial background with experience in financial modeling 
  • Exemplary communication and interpersonal skills  
  • Exceptional organizational and managerial skills 
  • Attention to detail, and experience in high-stakes growth environments 
  • Undergraduate Degree, Advanced Degree preferred not required  
  • Excellent problem solving or solutioning for common issues and concerns 
  • Proven client management skills 
  • History of public speaking or thought leadership 
  • Desire to mentor and educate  


*While 7-10 years of experience can be a good proxy for success, the ideal background for this role doesn't have to meet this experience threshold if the individual has been part of fast-growing teams with experience scaling ideas from inception to launch specifically in the affordable housing space.


This will be a hybrid role based out of our Charlotte office.

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