Researchers in the Departments of Medicine and Medical and Clinical Psychology at the Uniformed Services University (USU) in Bethesda, MD, are looking for highly motivated college graduates to serve as full-time (40 hours/week) research coordinators for several research projects aimed at preventing obesity, disordered eating, and cardiovascular disease across the human lifespan. The research coordinators will join a multidisciplinary team as part of the Military Cardiovascular Outcomes Research (MiCOR) Program at USU, which has the ultimate mission of improving the cardiovascular health of service members and the Department of  Defense community.

Current and upcoming MiCOR projects include, but are not limited to: a) several randomized controlled trials investigating interpersonal psychotherapy in the prevention of excess weight gain and disordered eating among vulnerable populations, b) a multi-site randomized controlled trial investigating psychotherapeutic and behavioral approaches to reduce excess weight gain and disordered eating to enhance long-term cardiovascular health in active duty service members and c) a study examining the effect of mindfulness to prevent type 2 diabetes in adolescents with depressive symptoms.

Responsibilities of this position include recruitment of study participants, administration of psychological assessments, data collection, entry, and management, preparation of study materials for institutional ethical review, and other administrative duties. This position is ideal for individuals who are planning to pursue graduate studies in psychology, medicine, or related fields. The position offers a competitive full-time salary with benefits, and a two-year commitment is requested. The successful candidate will be hired through The Metis Foundation, which is a 501c (3) specifically organized to advance clinically relevant scientific research to the medical community, especially within the Department of Defense.

Opportunities for the research coordinator position include:

- Experience working directly with research participants;

Experience with innovative research, including randomized controlled psychotherapy trials;

- Exposure to other areas of MiCOR research, including genomic medicine, cardiovascular health (electrophysiology, cardiogenetic disease, cardiovascular recovery), and the impact of body composition and behavioral health on the cardiovascular system;

Training in a wide range of assessments for eating behaviors, psychosocial functioning, body composition, and physiological health;

Mentorship from research experts in the fields of psychology, cardiology, disordered eating, and obesity;

- Potential for mentorship and authorship on scientific presentations and publications.

Required: An individual with a bachelor's degree (obtained by the start date for the position) in a psychology- or health-related field who is highly responsible and self-motivated. A successful candidate must have excellent organizational and problem-solving skills. Must be able to obtain applicable Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) certifications. Must meet requirements to be able to obtain a DoD Common Access Card. Preferred: Some prior research experience, especially in the areas of psychology, behavioral health, and/or cardiovascular outcomes.

Please submit a cover letter and resume/CV. Applications will be reviewed as they are received. If you have any questions about this position, please contact Lisa Shank, PhD, at

Metis Foundation is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.

Any qualifications to be considered as equivalents, in lieu of stated minimums, require the prior approval of the Director of Human Resources.