The mission of Zeta Charter Schools is to build and sustain high-performing schools that forge thriving communities of lifelong learners, problem solvers, and innovators. Zeta has launched in NYC with two public charter schools in the 2018-2019 school year, with immediate plans to grow to ten schools serving pre-kindergarten to 12th grades. Zeta Schools are committed to:

    • Academically Rigorous Education for a Modern Workforce. Zeta will combine the best of an academically rigorous education, focused on critical thinking and problem solving, with cutting edge technology and tools. Students will excel academically and work to solve the problems of the future, creating and inventing in “innovation laboratories” and developing coding fluency. Zeta will invest in serving the particular needs of at-risk, high-needs, English Language Learner, and advanced populations, with an aim to diversify the approach in order to mine their unique and highest potential.
    • Mindfulness and Wellness. Zeta Schools will promote an environment of mindfulness for students, staff, and families. Mindfulness will foster kindness and serve as the foundation for a respectful school community. It will further teach students the value of treating others in a manner they would want to be treated and to learn self-regulation. Students will engage in invigorating daily physical activity and learn healthy habits, and all members of the community will be encouraged to practice and model healthy habits to maximize their own well being.
    • High-Performance, People-First Culture. We are focused on hiring and developing great people and maintaining high expectations to enable team members to grow personally and professionally. Zeta cultivates a high-performance culture that fosters extraordinary outcomes, innovation, efficiency, and productivity, while practicing a sustainable people-first culture. With over 300 hours of professional development every year, we put our efforts where we think the biggest returns are: our people. The people-first culture extends to our community as well—we will embrace family involvement in order to best serve the needs of individual children.


    We are seeking a Director of Finance to set the vision for and implement financial excellence at Zeta Charter Schools. This role is an ideal opportunity for a mission-minded finance professional to help build next-generation public charter schools that will deliver transformative education to New York City children in underserved communities.


    Budgeting and Planning

    • Coordinate with network and school leaders to establish a timely annual budget
    • Regularly update the working budget, and communicate changes/concerns to CEO
    • Help design and interpret reports on actuals vs. budgets and cash flow
    • Monitor cash flow metrics, and flag issues
    • Collaborate with legal to secure funding from lenders, grant-making agencies
    • Ensure board, authorizer, lender metrics are met within budgets as appropriate

    Financial Strategy

    • Create short- and long-term financial models to help drive organizational strategy
    • Own financial reports that meet criteria of the CEO, board, authorizer, and lenders
    • Provide financial input and analysis to/for certain negotiation processes including for real-estate transactions
    • Analyze financial data to drive organizational efficiency and best practices

      Process Improvement

      • Work with vendors and staff to improve or create new efficient processes wherever necessary or possible
      • Identify and implement appropriate technology to streamline well formed organizational processes
      • Ensure constant and strong communication/relationships with other Zeta teams
      • Collaborate with Operations Directors to ensure smooth yearly procurement process

      Transactional Processes

      • Oversee and assist external financial services partner in day-to-day accounting / credit card transactions / etc.
      • Review financial reports on a regular basis and assess if/where shifts must be made
      • Support and facilitate the external audit process, and ensure financial compliance
      • Establish relationships and monitor activity with all external vendors
      • Oversee and assist payroll vendors and work with Director of People & Culture to ensure appropriate payroll processing


      • Qualitative

        • Demonstrated passion for the mission, vision, and core values of Zeta Charter Schools

        • Able to work independently at a high level with a “go-getter” approach

        • Growth mindset, with ability to receive and implement feedback

        • Strong strategic thinking, analytical, and creative problem-solving skills

        • Strong project management experience driving efficiency and excellence

        • Excellent written communication and presentation skills

        • Ability to develop strong relationships with network and school staff, strategic partners, and vendors

        • Able to work on high-level strategic items as well as on tactical day-to-day financial issues

        • Team-minded, culturally competent, and self-reflective

        • Passion for driving innovation, disrupting the status quo, trying new approaches, and tackling problems from many angles and with creative solutions

      • Experience and Education

        • Strong financial background, with experience in consulting, investment banking, business school / post business school, and/or large company finance department

        • Outstanding record of academic and work achievement and leadership

        • Experience as a thought partner

      • Technical Skills: Strong proficiency in Excel, Google Sheets, & PowerPoint


      Compensation is commensurate with experience. Zeta offers a competitive compensation package.


      Work authorization required (candidate must have permanent authorization to work in the U.S.). Zeta Schools is an equal opportunity employer and has a strong commitment to diversity. Candidates of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.