Customer Support Engineer

Lumina Networks Customer Support Engineer will work closely with our customers to overcome product and integration issues. These issues go beyond

traditional Tech Support and require advanced networking and SDN

technology knowledge to analyze, document, troubleshoot and test.

The support organization at Lumina Networks play an integral role with the our software product engineering and NetDev teams. They are not only

responsible for interacting with the customers, but will also feed customer

issues and resolutions in to the automated test infrastructure of the SQA team.

The customer support organization is spread all around the world and growing quickly. Collaborating with members in other timezones will be part of the leads daily process to provide support as the work day progresses. The customer

support engineer will take direction and delegation from the CS Lead, but will ultimately be responsible to resolve issues with the resources available to them in Product Software Engineering and NetDev. When escalation is required the CS engineer will work with CS Lead and Product software engineers to

analyze, recreate and resolve.

Key Skills:

  • Operational:

    • Practical knowledge of modern network management Strategies using Automation and SDN technologies

    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with technical


    • Support request ticket systems and procedures

    • Collaboration with Customer Service Managers

    • Interview support engineer candidates.

  • Software Tools:

    • OpenDaylight and other SDN Controllers

    • Postman

    • SSH

    • Mininet

    • Screen sharing tools like WebEx, Zoom, and RingCentral Meeting

    • Log parsing tools, grep, LogLogics, Splunk

  • Frameworks:

    • Ansible

    • Vagrant

    • Cloudify

    • ONAP

    • AWS

    • Kubernetes

    • OpenStack

    • JIRA

    • Jenkins

    • OpenLogStack

  • Technologies:

    • IP/TCP

    • YANG

    • OpenFlow


    • MP-BGP

    • Routing and Switching

    • Typical vendor CLI (Cisco, Juniper, Arista, etc)

    • Python

    • Java

    • NFV

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