Under the direction of the Supervising Right-of-Way Agent and the Acquisitions – Senior Project Manager, the Property Management - Analyst assists the Authority in ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations are met and maintained; makes recommendations as appropriate to facilitate timely and efficient property management activities.

Specific responsibilities include assisting the Authority in maintaining an inventory of Authority owned properties, inspecting properties for loss prevention, marketing rentable properties, establishing tenancies, collecting rents, arranging property maintenance, developing reports as required, and terminating tenancies. 


Program-specific activities will include the following:

·     Assists the Supervising Right-of-Way Agent in the development of a Property Management Plan that outlines functional responsibilities, management approach, key assumptions, and major actions and milestones to implement an effective and efficient program that meets the Authority’s objectives, while being sensitive to community and private party interests.

·     Acts as a liaison between the Authority and other state and federal agencies, local jurisdictions, property owners, and the public. Acts as the Authority’s property representative at public and private meetings and hearings. May perform other duties as requested by the Supervising Right-of-Way Agent or Acquisitions – Senior Project Manager.

·   Assist the Authority in preparation and negotiation of bid documents, leases, and other property management documents.

·        Updates Authority system of record as needed, to comply with documentation requirements.

·       Assists with data research of historical information to verify ownership and or land rights.

·   Make periodic inspections of properties owned by the Authority and make recommendations on appropriate actions to be undertaken to effectively manage the property.

·    Coordinates with other departments including the PCM and Design Builder as needed to efficiently manage properties needed for the project.

·       Develops property management reports and presentations for management status meetings.

Minimum Requirements:

This individual will have:

·        2-5 years of property management experience, preferably for a public entity.

·        Knowledge of principles, practices, and processes of property management.

·      Ability to reason logically and creatively and utilize a variety of analytical techniques to resolve complex assignments; develop and evaluate alternatives; gather, analyze, and interpret data; present ideas and information effectively both orally and in writing; reason basically and creatively; develop formats to present and display Right-of-Way data and information; develop charts and graphs; use a variety of analytical techniques; verify data used across multiple platforn1s and reports for consistency and accuracy.

·        Ability to evaluate property values for suggested Fair Market Rental Rates.


·       Proficiency and knowledge of computer software applications such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Outlook.

·        Demonstrate familiarity and ability to work with databases.

·        Ability to prioritize workload elements.

·        Be able to create database spreadsheets, graphs, charts, and reports.

·       Be able to effectively communicate with all levels of management and staff orally, in writing, and with visual aids.

·     Knowledge of laws, policies, rules, and regulations relating to property management of publicly owned property. 

·        Knowledge of Real Estate practices in relation to tenancy laws.

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