9. Duties:


9.1 Plans, supervises, and participates in the preparation of construction cost estimates of

buildings or other structures from drawings, outlines, and specifications


9.2 Prepares and reviews cost estimates and forms and other materials submitted to secure State and/or federal grants and loans from school aid programs and represents the District on

matters pertinent to securing such funds


9.3 Checks construction cost estimates submitted by commissioned architects and engineers for accuracy and completeness and compares them with District estimates


9.4 Confers with commissioned architects and engineers to resolve differences in their cost

estimates and District estimates for each project and negotiates agreements on preliminary

estimates of construction costs


9.5 Makes studies and prepares reports when contractors' bids vary widely from the agreed

construction cost estimate


9.6 Checks segregations of contract costs as estimated by building contractors and recommends acceptance or rejection as a basis for progress payments


9.7 Analyzes change orders on construction work under contract and approves or rejects extras

or credits submitted


9.8 Prepares or reviews cost estimates for projects


9.9 Establishes and maintains procedures for approval of plans and specifications for building

projects and submission of approved projects to public bidding


9.10 Develops methods for maintaining data used in records, charts, and graphs reflecting

estimated construction costs compared with actual costs


9.11 Conducts and participates in seminars and workshops with staff and minority contractors

relative to school construction bidding procedures, contracts, and cost estimating


9.12 Estimates costs of damages to District property caused by fire, natural disaster, and major

acts of vandalism


9.13 Establishes budgets for school building projects


9.14 Assists other branches with related functions


9.15 Prepares preliminary and final independent cost estimates of projects for comparison with

designer or contractor for PM/CM to establish negotiating position


9.16 Prepares change order estimates for Owner Authorized Representatives to establish

negotiating position


9.17 Provides support in price negotiations


9.18 Prepares claim analyses and estimates


9.19 Reviews contractor’s claims and proposals for merit and accountability


9.20 Performs related duties as assigned


10. Minimum Requirements


Required Experience:


10.1 10 years full time paid professional experience in quantity surveying and the

preparation of pre-construction and cost estimates for type I, II, or III, and V building

construction as defined by the State building code, including three years in a

supervisory capacity


10.2 Knowledge of current local construction labor and material costs


10.3 Extensive experience in developing and estimating the scope of work for change orders


10.4 Ability to compare the independent cost estimate with contractor proposal to quickly identify differences


10.5 Ability to develop scope of work based on RFI/RFC answers and estimates the detailed costs of those scopes of work independent of the contractor proposal


10.6 Good oral and written communications skills


Required Education:


10.7 Graduation from a recognized college or university with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture or Engineering or Construction Management

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