Percentage Job Description

Essential (E)/Marginal (M) Should add up to 100%

40% (E)

Develops Integration and coordination requirements and implement the process through CHSR.  Integrates various engineering interfaces and ensuring specification compliance.

Oversees the entire engineering and construction life cycle, utilizing system engineering principles to provide validation that all requirements have been properly satisfied. Responsible for the technical excellence of the engineering functions of the project including coordination of technical disciplines, quality of designs and adherence to schedule.

30% (E)

Develops the requirement management through all the contracts and manages the verification and validation process through the program up to the acceptance and certification of the HSR system.

15% (E)

Manages the development and fulfillment of Reliability, Availability and Maintenance plan through all the contracts and provides objective evidence to the Client confirming that the defined Service Quality criteria and RAM performance can be met.

15% (M)

Manages the development of the configuration Management for the technical documentation and Asset of the CHSRA program. 


Knowledge of:  System engineering principle in order to promote an interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realization of reliable, available and maintainable system; the development of a high quality HSR system delivered in a trustworthy, cost efficiency and schedule compliant manner through the system’s entire life cycle. 

Ability to: Read, write, interpret, and provide critical review and act on a very high level and full understanding of technical requirement documents, engineering manuals, standards and specifications, various form of procurements, contracts, and related documents; plan strategically and translate these strategies into policy, process and plans. The system integration leads have also to demonstrate the capability to effectively communicate, both internally with peers and Program leadership as well as externally with stake holders to the program; work on sites to check maintainability requirements. 


·        Bachelor's degree in Systems Engineering or in a related field.

·        At least 15 years of experience in positions of increasing responsibility, closely focused on Railway system design, construction and integration, interface, and requirement management, with experience on HSR systems.

·        In Depth Knowledge/experience of the US railroad industry and/or international railroad systems.

·        The ability to maintain good communication skills and working relationships with management, other divisions, districts, federal and state agencies, local agencies and private sector contractors, subcontractors and suppliers and their associations.

·        Ability to work collaboratively across rail & transit disciplines (Systems Engineering, Signals, Electrification Systems, Data Communications, and Project Controls), Project Managers, Systems Engineers, Signals Engineers, Analysts, and Coordinators.

·        Proficiency and knowledge of office-related computer software applications.

·        Availability to occasionally travel to other local offices and job site locations. 


·        None, however, may oversee the work product of others.

·        Provide guidance and leadership to high-speed rail systems and track engineering team members.

·        Inspire your team members, delivery partners, and client to achieve positive and effective Health & Safety processes and procedures for the Program through virtual or in-person format.