Percentage Job Description

Essential (E)/Marginal (M) Should add up to 100%

65% (E)

Establish and develop scope of work, performance and technical requirements and design criteria for high-speed rail ATC systems described within California High-Speed Rail contracts.

20% (E)

Work with the Authority and its strategic partners in ancillary high-speed rail program initiatives and to ensure that the high-speed rail systems interface and integrate with other stakeholder systems.

10% (E)

Monitor and review the deliverables of the regional teams and contractors to ensure that ATC work is being performed in accordance with specifications, drawings, and terms of contract.

5% (E)

Provide guidance and leadership to high-speed rail systems and engineering team members. Mentoring and advising staff regarding various FRA, AREMA, Class I Railroad and Passenger/Commuter Railroad requirements and preferences.



Knowledge of: Design, construction, testing and commissioning, operation, maintenance, renewal and asset management of high-speed rail ATC systems and equipment. 

Ability to:

·        Utilize sound engineering practices to develop requirements, specifications, designs, and reports; Provide specialist technical knowledge and guidance.

·        Review and interpret high speed rail systems technical requirements for compliance with the High-Speed Rail Authority’s design criteria and specifications, any applicable state and federal statutes, system design, national and international standards, and best industry practice.

·        Demonstrate attention to detail in preparing and reviewing technical work/proposals.

·        Understand and apply novel engineering approaches and concepts.

·        Develop and review designs and technical specifications.

·        Develop cost estimates and projections.

·        Work and communicate effectively with others (suppliers, contractors, stakeholders and client representatives, as required) using courtesy, respect, and sensitivity.

·        Contribute to project working meetings; Meet deadlines.

·        Follow and adhere to workplace policies. 


·        Professional Engineer (PE) license or Chartered Engineer (CEng) status.

·        Bachelors or Master's degree in electrical/electronic, mechanical, computer, systems engineering or related engineering discipline.

·        Experience with high-speed rail systems, electrical interfaces, software and network protocols, and system integration with hardware and software.

·        Experience with supervisory train control, wayside signal, highway crossing warning system, predictive and arrival system, and traffic signal control.

·        Knowledge/experience of the US railroad industry and/or international railroad systems.

·        Knowledge of railroad operations.

·        The ability to maintain good communication skills and working relationships with management, other divisions, districts, federal and state agencies, local agencies and private sector contractors, subcontractors and suppliers and their associations.

·        Proficiency and knowledge of office-related computer software applications.

·        Membership of relevant professional body. 


·        None, however, may oversee the work product of others.

·        Provide guidance and leadership to high-speed rail systems and engineering team members.

·        Inspire your team members, delivery partners, and client to achieve positive and effective Health & Safety processes and procedures for the Program through virtual or in-person format.