Under the direction of the Director of Real Property, the Deputy Director of Real Property (Deputy Director) is responsible for broadly administering the Real Property Branch (RPB) operations of the California High Speed Rail Authority (Authority). The Deputy Director plans, directs, and oversees the work of the Authority’s third-party agreements, land conveyances, right of way acquisitions, and property management. The Deputy Director coordinates the management of real property project activities to contribute to the successful delivery of the high-speed rail system and ensures operations are conducted in a manner consistent with state laws, policies, and administrative guidelines. The Deputy Director coordinates and integrates cross-divisional initiatives and works with other functional areas to support the project and exercises problem solving methods in the best interest of the Authority and in conformance with real estate and land title laws.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


Percentage                 Job Description

Essential (E)/Marginal (M) Should add up to 100%


35% (E)                       Assist the Director of Real Property on all matters related to program management for the RPB. Plan, manage and supervise the development and implementation of business plans, business strategies and program priorities, of the RPB. Manage, guide, organize, and direct staff and consultants to ensure the following functions are properly implemented and compliant with applicable laws and regulations: Surveys, utilities, permits to enter, cost estimates, appraisals, fair market determinations, offers of just compensation, negotiations, acquisition, relocation assistance, title and escrow functions, demolition, property management, third party coordination, government agency coordination, airspace leasing, excess lands disposition, and condemnation coordination.


25% (E)                     Manage and supervise administrative settlements with the approval of the Director of Real Property.


20% (E)                     Manage and supervise the development and processing of RPB documents, including operational performance reporting. Ensures RPB documents and supporting materials are developed in accordance with applicable laws, policies, and control agency direction related to transactions with contracted consultants and property owners.


20% (E)                       Advise the Director of Real Property on real property and third-party issues. Provide technical expertise on real property and third-party matters to the Chief Operating Officer and cross-functionally for the Authority Office of Program Delivery (PD). Collaborate cross-functionally and with other departments, agencies, and consultants to achieve RPB and PD objectives.


Knowledge of: Specific to the acquisition of right of way and negotiation of the third-party agreements required to deliver the project, legal and commercial principles and their applications; legal research methods, provisions of laws and Government Code sections administered or enforced; principles of public administration, personnel management and supervision; the department's affirmative action program objectives.

Ability to: Specific to the acquisition of right of way and negotiation of the third-party agreements required to deliver the project, analyze legal and commercial principles and precedents, and apply them to complex legal and administrative problems; present statements of fact, law, and argument clearly and logically in written and oral form, plan, organize and direct the work of a staff of attorneys; effectively contribute to the department's affirmative action objectives.


 ·        Knowledge of the Authority's organization.

·        Thorough knowledge of relevant laws, regulations, and policies of federal, state, and local agencies, as well as federal and state legislation pertaining to the above duties.

·        Knowledge of the Authority's project delivery process from design, construction, operation, and maintenance.

·        Knowledge of the Authority's procurement of contracts, negotiation practices of commercial terms.

·        Knowledge of the Authority's Business Plan concept.

·        Knowledge of the Authority' s organizational internal and external relationships that pertain to contract management for RPB and Third Parties.

·        Experience with major capital infrastructure projects and the areas of scope, policy, strategy and procedures, property management, and negotiating utility relocations.

·        Ability to maintain good communication skills and working relationships with strong management, other Divisions, Districts, federal and state Agencies, local agencies and private sector contractors, subcontractors and suppliers and their associations.

·        Demonstrate a broad knowledge of budget processes, workload development, resource management, and project management concepts for innovative project delivery projects, including design build.

·        Effective and persuasive communicator, both orally and writing, when communicating with all levels of officials and the public, including property owners for acquisition of rights of way and purchasers of State owned real and personal property.

·        Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills and demonstrated ability for achieving positive results.

·        A commitment to teamwork and a collaborative attitude.

·        Expert in the principles, procedures, and organization required in the management of a government organization involved in the acquisition of real property for a transportation project.

·        Expert understanding of engineering concepts and their effect on transportation planning.

·        Excellent management skills to direct an experienced professional staff.

·        Ability to assimilate technical data, legal issues, risk parameters and human sensitivities, exercise sound judgment in evaluating alternative courses of action and recommending the preferred direction in the best interests of the Authority.

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