9.1 Make recommendations, consults with, and gives technical direction to commissioned architects or structural engineers

9.2 Provide technical direction to lower-level staff in the Structural Engineering Unit

9.3 Evaluate plans and specifications submitted by commissioned or consulting structural engineers

9.4 Submit provisions for commissioning by including structural recommendations

9.5 Support in the planning and maintenance of structural engineering guidelines

9.6 Assist in developing District structural engineering policies

9.7 Investigate and create reports for structural engineering systems, structural components and installation to advise contractors, commissioned architects and engineers and District Construction Inspectors

9.8 Assign structural testing materials and inspection to laboratories and review test reports

9.9 Examine soil tests’ information and make appropriate recommendations regarding structural foundations and structures to be constructed

9.10 Perform other duties as assigned

10. Minimum Requirements

Required Experience:

10.1 Minimum of 5 years full time paid professional experience in similar or equivalent position involved in managing the structural aspects in commercial and/or public or educational facility construction projects

10.2 REQUIRED: Valid Certificate of Registration as a Professional Engineer in Structural Engineering issued by the California State Board of Registration of Civil and Professional Engineers (must be kept valid during term of employment)

Required Education:

10.3 Graduation from a recognized college or university with a bachelor’s degree, preferably in Structural Engineering and courses in management

10.4 Education may be waived with extensive experience and valid Certificate of Registration as Professional Structural Engineer


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