Job Description

We are seeking an accomplished scientist in Neuroscience with a deep understanding of disease mechanism and ability to translate basic research findings into novel drug targets, in-vivo proof of concept and clinical relevance using the best available technologies.  The right person for this role will have experience in a field of neuroscience demonstrating mechanistic understanding of a biological or disease process and should have a track record for being able to scientifically rationalize, develop and execute assays towards the goal of mechanistic understanding.


  • The successful candidate will have experience streamlining their work towards target validation, screening assays to identify novel leads and select candidates for in-vivo testing for proof of concept studies.
  • Initiate novel drug discovery projects and support existing targets from basic biology to clinical proof of concept studies.
  • Collaborate efforts with academic labs and with external CROs to drive new technologies and execute on project deliverables for Annexon programs.  
  • Must be independent with the ability to work collaboratively in a team, with excellent laboratory skills in biochemical, cellular, histological and/or functional assays. 


  • 4-10 years’ academic or industry experience post PhD in in vitro or in vivo biochemical, cellular, histological or functional biology.  
  • Proven experience working with a variety of experimental technologies/platforms and models, developing novel experimental methods and data analysis routines.  
  • Excellent problem solving skills and ability to take on new challenges, with excellent personal and scientific communication skills. 
  • Experience in fluid-biomarkers, basic protein characterization methods, Flow cytometry, proteomics, and/or genomic techniques would be a plus.